The Webster Grove Soccer Club’s Jr. Youth Soccer Academy (aka., Jr. Academy) teaches the basic technical and ball mastery skills of soccer in a fun and challenging developmental soccer environment. Our aim is to ensure a youth player’s skills and confidence “on the ball” improves as does their love of the game.

Our Jr. Academy philosophy on soccer and player development is two-fold: one, a youth player’s success in soccer skill development begins at home with family support, and time allotted for a player to play with a ball with their feet; and two, youth players improve their skills by playing the game with children of a similar age, honing skills in a game, and being guided in a positive manner by trainers.

In our Jr. Academy, your son or daughter will learn in a small group setting with a 14:1 coach to player ratio or smaller. In addition to technical skill training, this fun learning environment promotes interpersonal communication skills, physical coordination, and introduces concepts like fair competition and play, respect for others, and other positive sporting behaviors or values such as trust, commitment, emotional control, and teamwork. There will be a skill practiced at home

Our Jr. Academy is an 8-week program made up of eight 50-minute sessions. Each session will be centered around a new skill, a basic building block of soccer. Each session will have various skills introduced, skills reinforced, practice with and without opposition, and small-sided games emphasizing the use of the skill of the day.

The best of our Jr. Academy participants take the passion they have for soccer, the specific skills learned in the academy, and the application these skills further developed at home and in recreational league play. They often find they have more fun and more success than their peers.

Further, the best of our Jr. Academy participants typically seek out a more competitive level of soccer programming. Because of their passion, their preparation, and their skills-based training in ages 5-8, many join our soccer club in the competitive division by ages 8 or 9 depending on their physical and emotional readiness. This is where age group team-based training and player development continues and becomes a primary commitment for a youth player and his or her family

*** FAQs ***

You may have many other questions after reviewing the information above. This is a short guide of answers to frequently asked questions.

* How do you sign up?

Registration is done through via this Registration Link.

* How are the sessions set up?

We have concurrent sessions starting in September and running through May.  Due to other needs across the club, we have consolidated our training to one session with all ages (U5-U9+) training together from 5:30-6:20 pm (50 minutes) to obtain the best training environment s best for our junior footballers/"Futbolistas."

* What should the player bring with them to each session?

For indoor training, which is the primary setting for most all jr. academy sessions, all players need to come prepared with indoor athletic shoes or the equivalent (no cleats); shin guards, sanitizing hand lotion or spray, an extra mask (if needed or required by current county medical authorities), and a water-filled drinking bottle. Water is not provided so please ensure they have their own water bottle marked with their name.

For training with the academy, each player will have a ball provided by the trainer and return that ball at the end of the session. (Each player needs a size #3 ball at home to work on their assigned weekly ball skills), 

* How are we handling COVID?

We are following all guidelines set forth by STLCO DPH and our soccer partners. In short, masks will be worn by all players and all trainers at all times until otherwise allowed by updated guidelines. A player should have their mask on when they leave their automobile and when leaving the building to enter their automobile.

The check-in procedure begins at home for each individual participant with attendance check-ins, temperature checks, and HealthChecks completed in the TeamSnap mobile app or desktop website. You will be connected to TeamSnap by and that will be your primary way of communicating with the Academy Director and staff. 

* What is TeamSnap?

The TeamSnap app is a tremendously popular and simple app to use for parents and team officials. The functionality is broad, but the platform was selected as it provides us the information needed to comply with STLCO DPH guidelines, namely attendance and a health screening questionnaire.

The registering parent will be added to the TeamSnap app soon. An invite will be sent to your email address. If you want another parent or guardian on the app, we can add that person and send an invitation. Once you have set up a login and password, you will get updates, reminders, etc. and be able to communicate directly with the Academy Director.

*Where is South Gate Church gym located?

For the 2021-2022 sessions, we will be using this newly built gym with slip-proof flooring. The address is 9620 E. Watson Rd., Sappington (Crestwood) MO, 63126 for those mapping directions from your home or work. Please drive to the back lot and there you will find an entrance to the gym. 

*Can Parents stay for training at South Gate Church gym?

For now, we think there will be room in the stands or on stage in the gym for 1 parent/guardian/driver per player if you'd find it more convenient to stay versus going home and returning later or getting some errands done during that time. We ask that you limit the number of persons there to one per player and that you sit in a socially distant manners consistent with current CDC guidelines. Any children present must be kept in the bleachers or on the stage and off the court. 

* Where is “The Warehouse” training center located?

This will be our secondary location if we have need to move training or enrollment exceeds capacity at South Gate. 

The address is 36 Kirkham Industrial Court, Webster Groves, MO 63119 for those mapping directions from your home.

Please do not use Kirkham Industrial Court as the entrance drive. We ask that you follow Brentwood Blvd to East Avenue and turn right as if you were going to the Vetta SoccerDome, our neighbor. Drive through their lot and, as you approach Kirkham Industrial Court, you will see the building entrance with cones out front.

We ask you drive as close as possible to drop off your player (avoid the large loading “berm”) or that you walk your player from a parked car to the facility. There is parking in the WGSC Maintenace building lot located nearby as well as some limited parking.

* Can parents stay for training at The Warehouse?

Due to current restrictions only players and trainers can be inside the facility. Parents may drop players off near the main entrance and then pick up in the same general proximity to the entrance/exit doors. If curious, there is a door with window that can afford you a glance inside. There is not enough room for more than one masked parent at time to “look in” on the session and remain socially distant.