Directions to sync an iPhone to your WGSC team calendar.

Part 1: Get a subscription link

#1 Go to:

This is the calendar export page.

#2 Select Category and Years.

If I want just the WGSC 2005 (Cashel) then I would only select that sub-category as shown below.  As for years -- I could select All Years or unclick it and select specific years (current season would be 2017/2018).

From there I would then click on "Generate Export".  This would then create a new screen that should look like the one below with

a new link titled:  "Click here to download the event calendar"

STOPDon't click on it!!!  If you click it you will get a STATIC copy of all events currently entered.  It will not update if a change has been made.

RIGHT CLICK and copy link address (the WGSC 2005 (Cashel) example for all years is pasted below as an example),2018&k=30cd56408b323e07a1bd27189ffc726b

Now you have copied a LIVE internet calendar subscription link. This link should update when changes are made and the calendar app refreshes the link.

Part 2: What to do with it -- iPhone edition

On the iPhone -- go to:

#1: Settings

#2: Mail, Contacts, Calendars

#3: Add Account

#4: Other

#5: Add Subscribed Calendar

#6: In the Server box -- PASTE your LIVE internet calendar subscription link

#7: Add a Description

#8: No User Name or Password is required

Check your Calendar app -- and see if the events are present.

That should complete the instructions on how to sync an iPhone.