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Directions to sync an iPhone to your WGSC team calendar.

Part 1: Get a subscription link

#1 Go to:

This is the calendar export page.

#2 Select Category and Years.

If I want just the WGSC 2005 (Cashel) then I would only select that sub-category as shown below.  As for years -- I could select All Years or unclick it and select specific years (current season would be 2017/2018).

From there I would then click on "Generate Export".  This would then create a new screen that should look like the one below with

a new link titled:  "Click here to download the event calendar"

STOPDon't click on it!!!  If you click it you will get a STATIC copy of all events currently entered.  It will not update if a change has been made.

RIGHT CLICK and copy link address (the WGSC 2005 (Cashel) example for all years is pasted below as an example),2018&k=30cd56408b323e07a1bd27189ffc726b

Now you have copied a LIVE internet calendar subscription link. This link should update when changes are made and the calendar app refreshes the link.

Part 2: What to do with it -- iPhone edition

On the iPhone -- go to:

#1: Settings

#2: Mail, Contacts, Calendars

#3: Add Account

#4: Other

#5: Add Subscribed Calendar

#6: In the Server box -- PASTE your LIVE internet calendar subscription link

#7: Add a Description

#8: No User Name or Password is required

Check your Calendar app -- and see if the events are present.

That should complete the instructions on how to sync an iPhone.

Welcome to the Webster Groves Soccer Website!

Our new website has lots of features that we believe are helpful to visitors.  Below is a (growing) list of frequently asked questions in order to help navigate the various features that any particular user might want to utilize.


Can I sync my phone with the website calendar?

Anyone can sync their device with the website calendar.  Please use the export calendar link to begin sync process.  When you decide which team or teams you wish to import, you will generate a URL link that will be used with your specific device (e.g. smart phone, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook). When your device or application refreshes the URL, it will reflect the most recent calendar and all additions, deletions, or changes since the last refresh.

You can download a static file of all existing events listed but it will not refresh and update and changes made by Team Coaches or Team Admins.

You can import a selected team(s) to Google Calendar directly as well.

Calendar Sync for iPhone Instructions

####  F.A.Q for WGSC Club Parents ####

Do I need to log in?

For most visitors, much of the information on is public including calendars and team rosters.  However, if you are a WGSC parent and want to access your settings for email distribution lists, update contact information, or pay membership dues -- you will be required to log in.

The Team Administrator assigned to your rostered player's team will have created registered user account for you. You can not create your own user account so if you need to either add yourself or check if you have been added -- please contact your Team Administrator.    

How do I pay WGSC Membership Dues?

Once setup as a registered user you will have access to the WGSC Online Store via the Club Member Menu.  This menu is only accessible after a registered user is logged in and on their user profile page.

After accessing the online store you will be able to add the appropriate item to your shopping cart and then checkout.

A club member can check their payment and order history by using the WGSC My Account link.

How can I pay for WGSC Membership Dues?

Our preferred payment for membership dues is through Paypal.  Paypal will accept both Paypal and traditional credit (and debit) cards.

If paying online is not an option, we will accept offline payment via check.


More to come ..... is the home for soccer in Webster Groves, MO.

Here you will find links for the following:

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18 Brady Schuettpelz
20 Harper Ackermann
24 Chase Wulkopf
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38 Colin Lopez
Training Player Aiden Sanders
Coaches Dave Wulkopf, Mark Hasemeier




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