The foundation of Webster Groves Soccer Club is built on spirit, tradition, personal development and, most fundamentally, COMMUNITY. Webster Groves small businesses are a critical component of what make us a unique community. The diversity of our small business enterprises makes our neighborhood exciting and entertaining. Our small businesses create an environment that enriches our community; by staying local and engaging with our neighbors and neighborhood businesses, we support each other and make lasting friendships and relationships.



Make the Connection is an exclusive benefit available to all members of the Webster Groves Soccer Club and all local businesses and businesspeople. Make the Connection makes it easier for members and other community-minded consumers to make connections with local small businesses that we use can use every day. Whether it’s a plumber, electrician, financial/retirement planner, handyman, restaurant or legal services, we’d rather do business in our own community and with people from our community. Through Make the Connection, WGSC makes it easier to do both.